November 4th, 2002


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"people are still having sex
lust keeps on lurking
nothing makes them stop
this AIDS thing's not working
people are still having sex
it's been going on for quite a while
perhaps it's quite fashionable
it hasn't gone out of style
people are still having sex
people are still having sex
people are still having sex
people are still having sex"

i heard this song on the radio the other day & went into shock... i thought people had forgotten about it!
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    La Tour-People Are Still Having Sex

i am weak

i broke down today.
went to the music store & bought jurassic 5's latest album
power in numbers
i know.
i'm bad
but it's soooo good

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    Jurassic 5 - Freedom

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ok i don't like this.
i'm trying on some of my nice office clothes, only to find that they aren't fitting like they used to.
now now, don't get me wrong, i'm happy to have lost weight,
it just means that i now have to go shopping.

which i'm sure you think isn't such a bad thing
except for the fact that i don't have money to buy clothes
and if i did there's that curse i have for there to not be any clothes that i like out & about.

so here i sit.
i know, i just need to find myself a high paying office job
with bosses that like to give money away
so i can dress nice
and go shopping
and pay the bills.

anyone know of such a job??
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    Jurassic 5 - Hey