November 14th, 2002


the insanity!!!

so i was just out there in the netherworld[being the rest of the house that doesn't include my little 8'x10' hole] and my mum was blasting some damn Irish ballad noise.
oh gawd
i was in hell

as the flames from the inferno slowly started to melt me all i could see were the little leprechauns dancing & twirling about with devilish smirks on their faces.... i soon thereafter became a gelatinous mess on the floor...

gasping & grasping for some bit of sanity i slowly crept & slithered my way back into my hole in the universe.

i steadily began to congeal again... what's this? i have full function of my limbs?
Oh... what bliss

i've found my heaven...

soothing vibrations radiate from my speakers

i am nearly complete again...........
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    Omni Trio - Tripping on Broken Beats (Carlito Mix)