November 16th, 2002


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last night i dreamt that i was going to be turned into a troll. but then the trolls decided not to make me one of them, so they sent me to the troll king.
i had to jump into hot coals which would send me down to him, on my way down they could read my thoughts.
once in the troll kings chamber it was understood that i was to be his human mistress.
his troll queen wife didn't like that
nor did i

engenious stoner

first off, i must say... i love to drive.
secondly, i enjoy driving stoned.

now, if any of you have ever ridden in the car with me while i'm stoned you know that i will, eventually, end up talking about roads.

i digress ---------->
so tonight i get a call from regina, we talk about going out.


we really end up driving around a bit, smoking hello mary, hello jane..& juana & chatting... right more like me adding in my little bits here & there & them being totally engrossed with eachother.

ten minutes later:in the parking lot at TOPS food & drug
i'm dumped.

hello car
hello music

off i go.......................................................... away to think on my own

can't seem to find the right station...... i'd get a good song then i'd have to switch, just mixed it up a little.

what an interesting assorment of music i ended up with

all of a sudden

i had automatically taken my hand to my forehead, put my fingers in one spot, and then made a presto motion.

for one of my ideas for my portfolio had struck me.
almost literally in the form of a street sign

no, i didn't even come close to hitting one.

out of an assorted series of images, i shall have one group be on roads.
i know my arrangement, the ratio of b&w to colour, and which images will be the strongest.
now i have to find the decisive moment.

i shall search for inner harmony
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mi sew smrt!


my new bible

the mind's eye

writings on photography & photographers

by: Henri Cartier-Bresson

..if the shutter was released at the decisive moment, you have instinctively fixed a geometric pattern without which the photograph would have been both formless and lifeless.
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strange urge to update

i can only comprehend so much, then i have to do something in order to mull it over in the workings of my brain.
process the information i've just received so that i can put it to disposal somewhere in my life.

[insert] >flashback to< stoned conversation revolving around how my sister & i are the same [over]

i was at that point & in need of a break.
shower will do

the way the warm water hit my skin; the differences in room temperatures; the aroma of my soap, shampoo & conditioner; all of this accumulated to the most relaxing shower ever.

what better to follow this relaxing shower up with than a bowl of cottage cheese & mandarin oranges.

now i must inject my brain with more vitamins...
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