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dissolves instantly [userpic]


November 7th, 2003 (11:06 am)

current mood: dorky
current song: the sound of the landlord vacuuming down the hall. ahhhhhhhh

the other day... wait that was yesterday.
ok, so yesterday I burned my arms. ya, both of them. really it a long story that needs a demonstration, to cut to the chase, the bigger of the burns had a blister. which burst open.
yes, I am thinking that too.
anyhoo... the other two burns are fine. weren't too bad in the first place to blister up, but this other one......well,... IT REALLY FUCKING HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took the bandaid off, and it's ICKY! icky icky ICKY!
but it's healing. which is good. desired trait for owies.

in other news:
I got meself a job! ya. it's the same one I had.... and I know you ask yourself, now hold up a minute cowgrrl, how can this be?
well while working for the UW Med Center, I was on a temp position. I was doing such a bang up job (no, I didn't get anyone preggo) they thought... hmm... we need this Sarah lass to stay here ALL THE TIME. So they made the job I was doing a permanent position.
since my contract ended I had to apply for the job, and go in for an interview.
ps. HR at the UW is SLOW!
and then, they offered me the position, with MORE money than I was earning before!!

so after these three weeks I have had off already, I get an additional one. which is great, but money is running out... sooooo.... pleh! (that's the bad part of my story...) back to work for me on the 17th!! hooray!!!


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