November 8th, 2003


Andrew learns to play spider, and some thoughts on hunger... or lack of...

hunger makes my brain stop working. all i hear in my head is 'der der der' and that stupid badger song. AGH!
-oh, and Andrews mix of splendidness... splendidnessitity...super greatness . stuff.

Andrew's new skill is at playing the game spider. he doesn't even turn to his trusty game of solitare anymore.
me: (taking a nap)
Andrew: playing spider and making the computer make as much noise as possible
me: (thinking while napping) what the heck is he doing to that poor computer?!?!!
-twenty minutes later-
me: (awake)
Andrew: you know what, i'm really good at that game of spider now. want me to show you how to play?
me: sure
Andrew: demonstrating his technique, then hitting a button and making the computer go off again
me: so that's what you were doing while i was napping
Andrew: ya, i was trying to wake you up (as he hits the key numerous times in a row)
me: thanks hun.

i need food. but i had a LARGE lunch. what to do what to do? eat more? or let my tummy fight it out?

going to see matrix at the imax tonight, is it worth the 10.50? or should we cut our losses at 8.50?
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