February 17th, 2004

ewww... that stinks

you know what?

it seems like my internal dialogue is dulling down to a soft murmur. I haven't heard anything of comical value or interest run through my head as of late.
i wonder if that means i'm dying?

i went to the mall to pay some bills today, and found this absolutely gorgeous unrealistically priced and very unobtainable watch.
it's Gucci.
and yes, it's about as much as a quarter of college at a community college.
one day i shall be able to throw money at whatever i want.
just not today.

hmm... work is hunky dory. still busy, still over worked, but this week i get overtime. wooha.
hear me rawk.

words i want to work into my everyday vernacular:
cats (used in reference to people) and savvy
i think i can do it.

well, the good news is, i don't have glaucoma. the bad news is, i do have high eye pressure, which means that i'm at a greater risk for developing glaucoma later on in life. which is ok, because i'll probably already have cancer, and i think i'll die before all the stuff* falls apart anyway.

*all the stuff being: myself.

well, in other news... umm... well, there is no other news at this time.
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