September 29th, 2004

mi sew smrt!

klanky klanky on the keyboard

i start school tomorrow. [cursor flashes- long pause]

i have to finish it this time.
no really.
i'm being serious.
:o/ <-- see, that's my serious face.

it's also my disappointed face... i know, not much of a difference but it's not like i have full emotional control & range on this thing. huh? what's that you say? i do?? it's in the form of words??!?!?

in other news: Vice is now officially my most favourite magazine.

I love you Vice. You rock. You sarcastic sonofabitch.

::cracks back::

ok, Halloween anyone? i can't believe i have parties to go to this year.
now my big decision is WHAT TO WEAR!!!
so there's my photography website...
more photos to be posted...
and a proper bio...
check it.

i'm out, this screen is too bright and i need to get to beddy bye.
buh bye
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