October 7th, 2004

mi sew smrt!

skipping merrily through the forest

you know what stresses me? Having a job interview, and then having to wait a few days for the determination... I think they're going to make me wait over the weekend and sweat it too. AGH!
just please PLEASE let me through the door! *crosses fingers*
It would be a serious advancement in my field... it's like, the way to get into the REAL world of working at a medical center. I mean... after I fulfill my education goals, I could do anything... AGH!
let me in let me in let me in *whimper*


good thoughts good thoughts...

I should probably feed myself... I find it so difficult to do though [not literally, I have no problem picking up the food & putting it to my mouth...]
I only cook for myself, and when it comes down to it, I think I'm actually too lazy to fix myself the food I want to eat.

my pants are getting fat. glad it's not my ass that's fat anymore.
now there's some good news!
I guess that means I'll have to go shopping soon... darn.

"'cause you know that I can"

ok, I think I'm gonna actually make myself a salad... ummm... rabbit food...
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