October 9th, 2004

mi sew smrt!

"there are things in my life I can't control"

so I am feeling good about life. really. all the ups & downs are just part of what makes it so great. during those 'down' periods that I have to remind myself that it helps me realize something at the end... the main objective in life. or what have you.

life's about perspective.... right?

damn my birds are noisy! Right now it's Pip who's got the vocals of terror. Hard to imagine that such an awful & loud sound can come out of such a cute little bird.

I think I need to get a wider range of user icons. These ones are old and kinda boring. hmm....

I should eat some food. Ummm... beat up chicken kids with veggies... sounds good!!

I love this song.
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    Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better

congrats, you got yourself a cell phone...

welcome back to the 21st century Sarah. I was living two years without, but lately I've found that it would be really helpful to have a cell phone about.
What work? you would like a phone call when I'm running late from class?
What Andrew? you would like a phone call when I'm stuck in traffic?
besides... if I get this job, it will be field work, and I will need a cell phone, and I doubt that the Univ will foot the bill....or will they...???... hmm... I get 15% off my bills for being a UWMC employee. so that was good news.


Still, I'm such a sell-out. [bows head in disappointment and clasps hands over forehead]

I have about two hours to blow until Andrew gets home... what to do what to do??.... homework? that sounds good. oh boy. I get to read about design.

ok, I'll add wine time to that to help me ease my pain...
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