October 29th, 2004

mi sew smrt!

"I don't wanna wait in vain"

had a quiz today.
lucky for me I got the images of the designers who had easy to spell names. none of that Guillaume Apollinaire crap.
shit. was SO worried that I was going to have to remember how to spell that one! I know that in the moment of panic I wouldn't have been able to do it.
of course now that I complained about it, I just spelled it absolutely perfectly.

you make me lonely

dunno. just thought it sounded nice. through the ears & onto the keyboard.

I'm waiting for my mum to drop off my boots that my little sister borrowed... she said she would be here around 5/530. it's now 630, see how dedicated to her job she is?

ok, well it's about time I started watching Van Helsing... couldn't finish it last night, or give it my full attention, so that's what I get to do tonight. oh boy. what fun.
messy hair

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ok, what course should I take @the UW next quarter...

1) ART 243 Intermediate Photography: Color
Introduction to photographic color theory and processes with emphasis on color printing on type-C darkroom printing. Additional traditional and experimental color materials explored.
2) ART 258 Introduction to Metals
Introduction to concepts and techniques of metal design with an emphasis on jewelry. Skill acquisition includes sawing, filing, soldering, forging, and casting.
3) ART 273 Beginning Sculpture -- Wood and Metal
Introduction to sculpture, focusing on the use of wood and metal. Investigations center on a wide variety of methods and approaches, from traditional to technical, to promote visual expression. Class discussions and critiques focus on better understanding of the creative process.

really, I have to take about 6 more courses [after this quarter] in order to graduate.
all I have left are art electives. [oh, & I can choose from art history, but I won't put myself through that after this quarter... I need at least a one quarter gap between art history classes!]

hmmm... I think I'm going to try for photo, but if that won't work [doesn't say anything about having to be a photo major!] then I'll do metals. I guess they are in my order of preference... but really, I'll probably end up taking all three of them. gotta fill the time w/something!