October 31st, 2004

greatest pumpkin of all time

Happy Halloween

Every year my grandparents have a pumpkin party. They live on acreage up north on an island, & part of their garden has pumpkins. So in order to put use to those pumpkins they decided, some ten or so years ago, to have annual pumpkin parties.
There's food, alcohol, kids, dogs, a piñata, & lots of people [this year there was 25 or so, mostly family, but a few long time friends of the family]

SO, for the record, let me just say that I'm absolute CRAP at pumpkin carving. I'm totally serious, you could give me a pumpkin, tell me to carve a circle, and you'd end up with something more like an oval. It's quite embarrassing.

So last year, I thought myself quite clever when I decided I was going to uptake doing the Miller HIGHLIFE logo... well, I botched it. [of course] & quite badly at that. I mean, the first problem was that I didn't do the text large enough, so when I carved it, the loops on the letters were so thin & close together that they broke. ya. In vain I attempted to fix it....gimmie toothpicks!... alas, I was unable to save the poor creature. so I resorted to the primitive plan B... which was a rather large eye patch for a quite generic pumpkin face. ::shakes head in disappointment::

This year, my cousin took it upon himself to restore the glory to the Miller HIGHLIFE logo, and because of his craftful mastery, we now have this beauty which is carved pumpkin.

this is a tribute to my cousin Nick, and his skill at pumpkin carving. I salute you!
hot cider!


So last year for Christmas I bought Andrew a voucher to Gene Juarez salon & spa for a body massage, as he's never before received a professional one. Well, he decided that he won't be using this voucer, so he gave it to me to use for a hair cut.


My hair hasn't been cut for nearly a year now. I had a bad experience last time, and I cried, and it was short and ugly. So it's taken me this long to work up my courage to go back in and get a cut/trim. This time nothing new. nothing dramatic. just a restructuring of my already existant layers.
oh thank you universe.

in other news:
we went out last night w/my friend Leah & her b/f Henry. Leah was supposed to be a "Fantasy Fairy" and I was... well, I don't really know. I guess you could call it a forest fairy, or nymph [as I didn't have wings] but it really didn't matter much. it was a costume. both Leah & I were on ass patrol [as in, to make sure that neither of our asses were being exposed by our outfits]
Leah's wings broke before the night really began, so she ditched them and we decided that she was little bo peep,... but without a staff, or any sheep... um, ya. I don't really know how that works. Andrew was pegged as Death, and Henry, well he had a Jason mask, but he didn't bring it out at all... so we don't know what Henry was supposed to be...::shrug::...
So we went to Tiki bobs first [not by choice] as one of Leah's high school friends was having a b-day party there, but they hadn't arrived yet, so we left & went to Element
hmm... in general it was a good time, lots of people in costumes, good crowd, crappy top 40 music. *gag*
We hadn't been there before, and the only thing that we would have changed about it was the music. oh dear Lord. the music was HORRIBLE. I just had to keep my mind/ears closed & numb so as not to lose my sanity from the horrible music selections the dj was making.

What did we obtain from the night?
A realization that Halloween is an excuse for some men to wear womens clothes.

The End.
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