November 3rd, 2004


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I feel like a window would look after being blasted by a shotgun.

In not so many words: I feel, no wait, I am sick.

It musta been yesterday when I was at the doctors & said "I hardly ever get sick" and then didn't follow it up with a "knocks on wood" demonstration.
I think I must be dying.
I did that the other weekend.


blah blah blah, other stuff too, ya de ya de ya da.
ok. I'm going back to bed now.
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well, there goes Washington state, right down the same hole it's been going down for the last 20 years.

she's a complete idiot. it was so close, but nope. it really does look like people are stupid enough to vote for someone who answers the question "and what is your plan for Washington state" with "I have a very good plan for Washington State..." mind you, she never actually told anyone what her plan was.
now, in all logic, why on EARTH would you vote for someone who didn't even disclose their plan to you?



it's ok, it's only a few years of my time and my tax dollars that are going to be going to that dumbass.

just like how 40 of my hard earned dollars are raped from me every month by that stupid union I am forced into. now you wanna talk about a piece of shit? just look at SEIU-925. what a bunch of money grubbing lazy dill holes.

yes. that's right, I said dill holes. :oX


I would talk about the presidential election, but I know better than to walk through that water.

that's it. enough said.

now, what's for dinner?
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