November 5th, 2004


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nothing to do this evening.
life's kinda boring.
got a 20/20 on last weeks quiz.
that rocks.
work was boring.
more stupid people surfacing.
feel like writing everything off.... 'ya, Jerry [that's my manager] you see the thing is, I just felt like writing off all those accounts...'
don't think it will fly.
think I did well on my quiz today, didn't really study, but turns out I got all the slide IDs right.
go me.
got my passport back.
what a cheap job.
the passport in general is really nice
but to update your name, just some mediocre printing on the back page, stating what your new name is.
oh boy.
doesn't really fit with the design.
but falls within the realm of the US's policy of design.
time for dinner, have some black velvet waiting for me.
time to celebrate my perfect quiz score.

now if only I could do so well on that paper....

ps. I spelled 'mediocre' correctly the first time around.
I don't care if you're impressed or not, I am.
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