November 12th, 2004

mi sew smrt!

education at a "higher" level

So, just to tabulate, how many of you have a degree, are working on a degree, or have one and are planning on obtaining another?
Just a show of hands, please...



I'm going to apply for the MHA program at the UW once I get my BA spring 2006.
oh boy.

I can do it though, I have like, all the professionals w/in PFS at UWMC routing for me to continue my education so I can go and play big ball with them.

....cause I rawk.
that's why.

no really, I'm being pushed by upper management to apply for supervisor positions... which I'm gonna do right now... so I am thinking that is a good thing, right?

Oh, & by the by, I found out the other day shoooooosh, don't tell, but my mums' boss makes about $18,000.00 a MONTH!

OH HELL YA!!! I'm SO gonna get in on that kinda cash!!!
You can


but really, I'm excited about finishing school and going for this program. It's going to offer me things [and money] that I otherwise wouldn't be privy to.

The End.
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