January 17th, 2005

I don't know

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We just bought some stuff for the homestead... photo albums everywhere, with no where to live; called for some affirmative action on our part.



Sorry for the extra long link, I'm too lazy to truncate it.

blah blah blah. holiday was fun, there's photos of it out there somewhere on this vast internet space. It's your job to find out where.
again. too lazy to do anything about links.

first load of laundry's done.

I hate it when people leave their stuff in the washing machines/dryers... makes me want to feed their clothes to the trash compactor.
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messy hair

something something should be cooking dinner now

oh boy.

sorting photos & arranging negatives is SO much fun.

I bet you are so jealous.


*tick* laundry is done.
Now I should work on that whole dinner thing...

Did I mention that I got a kick ass parking spot after I got home from the grocery store? I didn't? WELL... let me tell YOU ... it's right outside the main door of the apartment building. Couldn't have gotten a better spot.
no sir-e-bob.

the best little doggy EVER
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