January 28th, 2005

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I wouldn't say it's been my favourite week of all time.
Not by any means favourite.

Maybe it's more in the least favourite column.

........because I remember them all.........

ANYWAY, tomorrow afternoon we will all know if I have to suffer with a horrible hair cut, or if I will be too foxy for my own good.
I fear the first of the two.

There is this Study Coordinator I have to deal with, [mind you, it's only when she calls me...] & for some reason, I swear this lady either has it out for me, or she's the most unhappy person on this planet. Talk about rude, and her tone of voice... well, it's less than pleasant.
The tone has the bitterness that an unforgiving woman would have if she had walked in on her husband & best friend having sex. I mean, like the kind of person who just doesn't get over anything. ever.
That’s the tone in her voice.

I almost feel bad for her, because now when she calls to remotely bitch about something, I act all super nice and cheerful and friendly. Just in hopes that she'll feel like a complete and total bitchy ass after she hangs up the phone. Either that or she'll be even more pissed because I'm all happy with life & she's not.
You know, one of these days I'm going to ask her what flew up her butt and made a nest... well, probably not in those exact words... but... something along those lines.

Anyway, looks like we're going out tonight to club ELEMENT to listen to the masterful mixing of Dj Hyper & Charles Feelgood.
They’d better be worth my ten bucks damnit.

And in other news:
The perfume I ordered has shipped. All three bottles of it. No, I'm not an obsessive perfume applier, I actually *thought* ahead & ordered some for my mum & sis for Valentines Day.
too bad it's too femmy a scent for Andrew, otherwise I'd share mine w/him... heh.
poor Andrew

Well, I feel quite lazy this evening. Don't really want to put any effort into making dinner; however I probably should as I think I'm starting to gain a little from my lazy diet.

Oh ya, and starting the 28th of February, I am so all over some Salsa dancing lessons.
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