April 4th, 2005

I don't know

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I've infected the world with my illness.

Well, maybe not the world, but my parents at least.

that's mean Sarah.
I know.

If someone has to lose, I don't want to play

It seems to me that my body is playing mean tricks on me.
My alarm goes off at 445am, and I *should* get out of bed then, but I usually try to sleep in until about 510 [second alarm]. Well, it seems like lately I've been waking up at about 410/420, wide awake, ready to go, so then I force myself back to sleep. Then the alarm goes off at 445, and I'm like "oh, it's too early to get up yet, I'll just wake up at my second alarm..."
but do I?


So then it's 540, and I'm in a rush.

what's odd about this, is that even tho the clocks have been reset, I still wake up around 410/420... hmmmmm.........
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