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i got my hair cut on saturday... it's shorter than i wanted, but oh well... it'll grow back... eventually. :P
so i decided i would take some pics to capture it's shortness...but... i ended up goofing around w/the camera more than expected...
you can see it's shortness best in this pic too bad it's a little too dark. oh well
i look like i'm gonna sneeze in this pic... or i just ate a bug....
last but not least, a decent pic.. but i think i have about a billion others that look like this...however in this one my face is all washed out. damn bright lights.

ok, i go to "bed" now... even tho i slept until 5pm today, i would rather be in bed trying to get more sleep and catch up instead of get behind by sitting on the net late into the night so, ta ta!
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