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"when you build your house... then call me, home....."

somehow i got that pic tonight. it's kinda cool...

Fleetwood Mac - Sara... was what i was listening to, now i've changed the pace up to fit my "normal" mood... which would be, yes you guessed it, SUPER sexy house/downtempo.

today was a pretty good day... went to school. weeee... and then, i came home... and have managed to blow SO much time doing only God knows what. no really... God knows what i've been doing. just ask.... oh no? ok i'll tell then... got some supplies for my final art project. wOOt! school is almost out!! ya.. and that's about it, watched the tele and... uhh.... ::sigh:: i'm pathetic

in other news: gomer bit my lip today and it was red for a half hour. he got put on time out and is now a very grumpy cute little bird.

now i do some ab exercises cause i'm getting a little too soft... an den... i shower!!! so fresh and so clean clean.....

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