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last day of class...

for who knows how long... I sure don't, so could someone please tell me? thx

today was a day of fun, joy and rapture.
the way brad describes the day makes it sound like all those 8 hours were not fun packed....oh but they so were!

*started off the day late for class, not enough change for the meter. didn't get a parking ticket so as they say, alls good in the hood.
*went to breakfast w/leigh at blue star... good...food...::drools::.....
*picked up brad from school
*went to his house and watched moulin rouge. good movie, starts as a comedy and ends as a drama... I would like to call that a comedra, or something like that.
ummm... I'm eating a popsicle right now and boy is it good!

*after the movie we went to safeway, brad got some grub, he was sad 'cause they didn't have the creamy basil pasta salad that he loves so much, apparently they had run out of it yesterday. I tried to console him, but that can't replace the emptiness he was feeling. ::sigh:: poor guy.
*then we went back to his house... he found the fun and exciting game of scrabble to play. too bad all my words were three letters long. so that game didn't last too long... oh well...
*then we went to the park. it was cold, raining and windy. (or as my mom would say "blowy") he had an epiphany about his beloved cream basil pasta salad... and it was this; if they ran out yesterday, and didn't make a new batch, that means that they don't make it fresh daily. ::sigh:: poor guy.
*he built a damn. it was cool. then brad and I were playing w/a stick and leigh called... he could hear me saying to brad...
"beat the stick! no harder..." hahahaa... it was funny, but we finally broke it!
*went back to brads, he copied some of my cds. hahaa... now he will be infected w/the sexy deep/downtempo house!! ::sigh:: I feel like I'm accomplishing so much by getting people to listen to those cds :o)
*he also helped me... gave me a really good idea for my final art project. :o) THANKS!!

and now... I must shower and do a little review for my french final tomorrow morning. *bleh*
brad, gutes Gl�ck mit Ihrem Test morgen fr�h!

night all & sweet dreams!
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