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a;vpoiw4me;49a5rj293nrals,fej <---- otherwise known as a "i'm gonna bitch" post

i'm mad. grrrrr.....
ok, so my "little" sister is my height, but weighs about 25-30lbs more than me... so i tell her, if you are gonna borrow my clothes DON'T borrow the shirts that are tight on me, cause once you wear them they don't fit me quite right anymore.

so what does she do?!?!!
she borrows ONLY the shirts that used to fit me tight... AGH!!!

i'm so fucking pissed.

she doesn't have to pay for her clothes, she gets money from our parents, so basically she doesn't work to pay for things, so she doesn't really have respect for things... esp if they aren't hers.

fucking bitch.
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