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so bored

the weekend, was good... last night, was good... hmmm... so much i could write about, but nothing really of "importance" per se.

currently living in a moment of emotional perplexion... the existence of my thoughts, toying w/the little feelings i actually do have.
tricks on my mind.
not because i want to, but because i need to....? it's not fair if i don't, i know that much
i have a stomach ache, it comes every time i think about this

you know what's going to happen don't you? i have a feeling you do...

i seriously feel like shit lately. not just from being sick, but because i've had a lot on my mind.
i hate this... i know me, and i don't really think i like me. ::sigh::

what am i going to do?

stomach's still feeling ill.
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