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dissolves instantly [userpic]

back to the beat of the drum

March 28th, 2002 (10:50 am)

current mood: blank
current song: Phats & Small - Electro Roll

ahhh.... today is upbeat house music day. what could lift my spirits better?
i just remembered i have phats & small....::sigh::.... i love house music. :o)

last night was... a normal dysfunctional night at the leverentz household. ugh. there was no food in the house for days, i mean, there was bread, but no mayo, so that meant no sandwiches. there was cereal, but no milk, no soup, no frozen goods. nada... just grain products. am i a goose or something? what's w/all the granular products?... so last night my dad <---look, that's right, i said DAD went grocery shopping. i know i know, i was shocked too... anyway. he comes home w/mass amounts of food goods and ... well, at least we won't run out of eggs! we have two cartons, plus whatever was in the egg dispenser. (he bought one carton, and we had the other carton from previous shopping trips) so as i have all the groceries away and am getting ready to work on the egg situation, he comes in and decides to take control. ok fine. you do it. well..... in the process he managed to break an egg. i think he was trying to play hackysack w/it or something....

so egg gets all over the rug. so he puts the rug under running water... then he starts to gripe 'cause the sink is clogging cause we don't have a garbage disposal (which is his fault i might add) so all the food bits collect in the drain cover and don't let the water pass. so i go into my sisters room (which is where my mom is) because i know that the situation w/my dad will just get me yelled at. well... it's not looking any better in my sisters room either. she's in this dance thing for a friends bday (her friend is mexican and it's some tradition or something) and the boy she was paired w/is ultra grabby. so she doesn't want to dance w/him and my mom is telling her that either she puts up w/him, or doesn't dance at all... blah blah blah... sister's crying. then as i am leaving her room my mom is leaving as well and leah says she wants to see dad, i disclose the fact that he has broken an egg and will be occupied for a few more min......

so here starts the "fun"
my mom walks into the kitchen "so you broke an egg huh?" <---kind of in a poking fun sort of voice
dad: grumble grumble
then my mom sees that he has the rug under the water.... "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!! IT'S DRY CLEAN ONLY!!"
oh gawd mom, pls don't...
dad : WHY THE FUCK DO WE HAVE DRY CLEAN ONLY RUGS?!?!!! <----he has a point... but that's not the issue... he's just reacting cause my mom pointed out, and mocked at the fact, that my dad made a mistake... or whatever.

how juvenile.

nono, wait... it gets better.
so my mom grabs the rug from my dad and takes over that situation. then moments later my dad comes storming in
"DENISE!!! your cat is SHITTING all over the garage!"

::sigh:: now we all know that an itty-bitty cat cannot possibly shit all over the garage... but we'll amuse him anyway....

so she goes out there and starts taking care of that mess... i can hear them yelling in the garage... ahhhh... just like the good old days... wait. those days weren't good... they were down right shitty.

at any rate, my mom had neglected to clean the cats box for quite some time, and so the cat was going elsewhere due to the state of her litter box. my mom comes into the house to get something, and i'm sitting in my room, had just flipped the net on (which is what i think set her off) then she starts yelling at me!!
umm... well the thing is i'm not home most of the time (meaning that i am not the one making the messes) so i don't know what needs to get done.
then she started going off on this that and the other thing... BLAH! well... she soon realized that she was acting out of what happened between her and my dad, so she calmed down and went about her business.

so dysfunctional. i need to move out......otherwise my stuff will get sold!!

oh yes... another story... brace yourself.

so i got off work at 5 yesterday, and i come home... no food, my sister and her friend ate the half loaf of bread... and me, being hungry cause i only had two pieces of toast all day and a bit of apple sauce, decides to go out and get something... off to subway i go... for what seemed like the BEST sandwich of my life.
well i'm at home, it's 545, i'm to be meeting up w/regina a bit later so we can go paint some pottery... i'm about to leave... (actually waiting for regina to get to my house so i can leave) and my dad comes home. at this point in time my sister had left for the dance pratice, and i was all-alone. well... he starts going off on me about the laundry.... and why didn't i start the laundry? well... i pointed out the fact that leah had been home much longer than i had, and that i had been doing the laundry for the previous weeks, and do you know how hard that is to do when you're not home all the time? <--- yes, i actually pointed that out to him.

well then he starts going off about the storage situation (probably because he knew i was right about the laundry bit...) ok, storage. we pay 120$ for it each month. most of the stuff in there is my parents, but my dad is making it out like it's all my stuff in there... ok, i have a few choice items, a poster bed frame (wood mind you...i got it for a bargain!!) a few wood chairs, a 27" tv, my stereo and vcr... along w/bathroom and kitchen stuff... the rest, is theirs. boxes and boxes of holiday decorative crap... and tools. tools tools tools...

so he's telling me about how it would be better if i sell my stuff so i can pay off my bills. umm... i'm telling him that doesn't make too much sense considering the fact that
a) i would just have to go out and buy all that stuff again, and that would put me back into debt even more than i already am
b) i've worked hard to buy all those things and have nice things. why should i get rid of them?

lucky for me regina showed up so i could leave. but FAWK!

point of the bitch session... sarah needs to move out of her parents house ASAP!!!!!

i go get ready for work now.


Posted by: the mid-doctor (texel)
Posted at: March 28th, 2002 11:16 am (UTC)

this is quite possibly one of your best posts EVER. you should write a book about your family... it would sell soooo many copies :)

sorry they're totally flipping out like ninjas... i know what it's like to be the only sane member of a household at times... *MuWaH*

Posted by: Don't Sleep Till I've Had My FUEL (torque)
Posted at: March 28th, 2002 05:04 pm (UTC)
eye eye

Parents household + Andrew = nightmare.

Simple equation

I get it pointed out to me i dont do anything towards the house, then I point out I pay hefty rent, they soon shut up.

Don't you just love it when parents get annoyed with themselves, and then turn this anger towards you and things you have apparently not done or done wrong. This with me unfortunatly just makes me wanna wind them up a little more, and i end up standing about pointing out all the things they are doing wrong while they're trying to sort out what they have just fucked up in the first place thats made them get pissed off.

I think I get pleasure out of tormenting their anger.

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