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i'm holding heaven in my hands...

feels so good.

electrostatic information

oh yes it does.

but it feels so good!


well today was dress nice for work day. so boy did i dress nice! i got compliments from my boss... it was great. i was walking down the hall, and she came out of her office and was walking in front of me, turned around, and said smiling "you look nice today"
i think i have the potential to be the office pet. oh yes...

the more i think about it, the more i'm deciding not to go to school next quarter. all this bull about money, and now my mom tells me i need to start looking into student loans. yup yup, time to work full time and pay off bills.

my plan for the next year... or so....
april-june: work full time, save money, live at home. pay off my 2500$ in bills. update passport
june-july: work full time more. save more money. live at home some more. save for europe in sept (aiming for enough money for two weeks stay)
july-aug: term b french 302 summer school, work part time.
aug-early sept: work full time. wrap up trip plans.
oct-june: school. work. save money to study abroad
summer: work full time, get plans together for study in europe

i just needed some plans. this is what i want. this is what i've always wanted. it's really too bad it's taken me this long to fix it in my mind.

i can do this!
i will work for this!
even if i have to sell my ass on the streets!!!
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