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rubber thoughts of acid windows

being bored is no fun. i really should be updating my resumee... but i have not the materials to do so.

ya, i got a lead on a great job. i'm a shoe in, now all i have to do is fax in my updated resumee... ::sigh:: it would be nice to have a full time non-bullshit type job. then i wouldn't have to work for peanuts anymore. yea! how did i hear of this oh so wonderful job? well... easter at my aunts is what got me there... her younger sister, who used to work for my mom back in the day, now works with some doctors that my mom knows so... two people plus excellent work experience and i'm sure to get in.


today is a blow of time. i'm not doing anything productive. just sitting at leighs making sure his sofa/chair doesn't float away. oh yes the tele has been an excellent source of entertainment... weeee.... threes company is such a great show. also watched the crush, hadn't seen that movie in a while. you know what's lovely about commercials? they allow you to watch two shows at once. excellent idea commercials are.

so what do i have in store for this week? umm... a little bit of work, and a trip to wazzu this weekend. yea pullman. if it weren't for the club there w/the cages containing poles i would go absolutely bonkers in that cow/corn field of a town. hmmm... going there for my friend jessicas birthday... which actually is today. i should call her.

weekend was interesting. tried nose candy for the first time. i don't know how people could get addicted to that stuff... actually i don't know how people could get addicted to anything in general, but that stuff particularly. it didn't do anything but
a) numb the back of my throat and sinus passages
b) cotton-mouth WORSE than smoking a bowl.
c) made me feel like i drank about three cups of coffee... but minus the jittery caffeine feeling.
my conclusion: not worth it. you know how gasoline smells? well... that's how it "tasted"
all i have to say is good thing i didn't pay for it. cause that would have been the BIGGEST waste of money.

sitting here listening to rinocerose. anticipating the purchase of their next album. i can't wait.
well... i guess i'll go take advantage of my free time and go to the art building to attempt to make an appt to talk to an art adviser about my "situation" with school.

buh bye
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