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once again

bored bored bored. ::sigh::
but i've got radio fg to keep me company while i, once again, spend hours by myself at leighs apt. weeeee.... :P i should have just gone home. at least i would be in a city where most if not all of my friends are... or i could just chill w/my family.
i could be doing things there like... eating dinner, vegging out in front of the tele... umm... updating my resumee... what else..oh, i could always take a bath, go and hang out w/misty & ty or regina & justin. but oh no. i'm sitting here.

"it ain't all good, that's the truth, things ain't going like i think they should"

hmm... sasha & digweed are gonna be in town on the 11th of may. that show is a must go. last time they were in town at the same time was when i was 16, which was in 1996... and i still have the flyer!

ok, after this song i'm out to plant my ever growing fat ass in front of the tele. ::sigh:: i love music.
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