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dissolves instantly [userpic]

ode to work

April 3rd, 2002 (12:39 pm)

current mood: amused
current song: Sash! - Non Existant Nothing

work is fun
work is great
work will help me get a rate
altho cheap and not quite right
at least it helps me ward off.... plight?


Posted by: Пётр Кириллович Безухов (aka Greg "Skid Rowe") (paris_of_priam)
Posted at: April 3rd, 2002 10:31 pm (UTC)

Damn! BUSTED! I guess I'll have to write on now. :)

I'll get back to ya. (But trust me, those pictures of you DID actually inspire poetry in me! :)

Posted by: dissolves instantly (sahrie)
Posted at: April 3rd, 2002 10:55 pm (UTC)

hmmm... did they?

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