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refer to boobie status post

Eli 399: status?
SahrieGirl: umm... boobies are still sensitive and perky... but
SahrieGirl: hmm.. lemmie check
Eli 399: uh oh
Eli 399: hahhhh
SahrieGirl: no nippage :P
Eli 399: so sad....so very sad
Eli 399: I think you should make that daily
Eli 399: I think all girls should make that a daily thing :-)
Eli 399: you could have like....logs and shit....statistics and trends....even graphs :-)
SahrieGirl: ya... i've been considering it
SahrieGirl: lol... i could scan my boobie, and it could tell me the density and any other fluxation in size & shape...
SahrieGirl: hahahaa...
Eli 399: damn, taking it to levels I wouldn't even have imagined
Eli 399: I bet you could get a grant for this :-)
SahrieGirl: hmmm... would be interesting
Eli 399: you should do it.....for like....science and all ya know :-)
SahrieGirl: oh ya, it would totally help mankind out...
Eli 399: totally :-)
SahrieGirl: understanding the dynamics of the boobie
Eli 399: that right there is title of the book "understanding the dynamics of the boobie" You'll sell millions :-)
SahrieGirl: i should get started!!!
Eli 399: helllllll yeah you should :-)

convo w/eli
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