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stars are free tonight... but i don't know if stealing them is right.

reminds me of something......

i tried really hard today to keep my mind up and happy, but with this damn... cold? i found it rather difficult to do so. i look like rudolph and sound like swamp thing...:glorp:..:flerk:...:muckle:....:schlurpfleep:........ while doing my busy work i was listening to one of my new cds (Felix da Housecat - kittenz & thee glitz) i came across this great song... it's really mellow, and kinda has an old skoo michael jackson sound to it... so i think y'all should download it cause i'm feeling so much like cat vomit warmed over....*bleh* it really would help me feel better.

oh devon, i used that great little puking sick icon... now every time i see it i think of you.... great memory. :oP
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