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& the swamp thing RETURNS....AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!no don't really.......

sweet seduction in a magazine
endless pleasure in a limousine
in the back shakes a tambourine
nicotine from a silver screen

called in sick today. coughing like a crazy crack smoker, nose won't stay put.... and who the fuck knows where all this snot comes from?!?!! how in the hell does my head hold all that sheeet?!?? ears are slightly plugged...:sleeerp:.....:glork:.......:schluup:... <---it's swamp thing again......

i had a dream about being tan. i was happy.

another thing that makes me happy: my mom finally made me the pimp azzzzzz choker i was beggin her for. she prolly made it cause i'm sick... awh.

aren't y'all excited? i posted another one of my purdy pick-chures!!!


::looks at clock:: ok, it's my feeding time... ciao!
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