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today i wake up and i have a little tiny wheezing sound when i breath in deep, no cough, i can breathe out my nose, it's not running and my appetite is back!!! yea!! looks like i'm on the fast track to recovery... so far. now if my nose starts running at work i know i'm allergic to something in the building, then i will have to demand that they have the ventilation cleaned, otherwise i'm a no work employee... or something. hrm. ?

no memorable dreams last night. drats.

i woke up to a lot of loud beats coming from my sisters room... i wish i could say they were beets, cause that would be really funny... but alas, they were beats. ::sigh:: i felt like i was in the jungle when her "music" was playing... i put that in quotes cause the only bit of the "song" i could hear was the bassline... too bad it wasn't d&b cause then it would have had a nice soothing bassline... oh well. i'll convert her... some.......day..............

and now i fill my belly with breakfasty goodness and make myself a lunch for work. weeeee........

"i can see the sun shiiiiinnneee eh eh eeeeyaaaeeeeya [insert hhc beat here]"

LOOK!!! another one of my purdE pick-chureS
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