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"i love hoes, i just don't pay 'em..."

from canada?
nope. i'm not... but apparently i have an accent, according to kevin. i just think he was listening with the alcohol that was in his system. yupyup.

"we can get the mattress going er errr er errr..."

my sister and her friend are funny...
ha and ha

jessica aka: pickles or jesshika is coming home w/in a week... or next week... or something. THEN i won't be all alone Monday Tuesday Thursday YEA!
let the party begin! drunken sniffly stoopers here i come!!

work was ... well it was work. ::sigh:: it's sad when you aren't in a rush to get out of the office because all you'll be doing is coming home and doing nothing. I HAVE A LAME LIFE!!!

in other news: brad made it back safely. gomer is still cute (he took a bath in my hands today!!!i melted all over the floor... it was gross) and beaker is still people shy. why can't gomer rub off on him/her? (still don't know if beaker is a girl or boy yet, it's cere is still color unidentifiable)

now i go waste more time cause my life is BOR-ING!
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