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drats. i could never be a secret agent.... i crack too easily!

jclarrissarw: waaa why am i not on your friends entries, I posted today :-(
SahrieGirl: http://www.livejournal.com/community/web_prohos/
SahrieGirl: i saw that you did... they are hella far back and i'm a slow reader
SahrieGirl: i'm breaking
SahrieGirl: i'm showing you the site
SahrieGirl: you can post to it
SahrieGirl: ::sigh::
jclarrissarw: HAHahHAhahaha
jclarrissarw: you bastard
jclarrissarw: :-!
SahrieGirl: i was supposed to mail you the thing a while ago
SahrieGirl: lol
jclarrissarw: you stole my santa
SahrieGirl: like, the FIRST minute i was in your room.
SahrieGirl: i mean...
SahrieGirl: no i didn
SahrieGirl: t
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