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don't stop work that body, now it's time for the girls to party!

so happy i had a good sleep last night. wOOt! too bad i went to bed entirely too late.

no gas in my car.... which is going to make it difficult to see the boy. the problem would be solved if i had money in the bank account, but i'm afraid that's dry as a bone too. ::sigh:: i hate me.

listening to good disco house this morning. provided by postmidnight thx!!! ::shakes booty::

today i work. weeee..... tomorrow i work.... as well as the day after that....but THEN after that day. ME NO WORK! i know you're jealous!

damn. i know i said that if this cough wasn't gone by Wednesday i would call the doctors office... but i think i'll give it the weekend to clear up too. yupyup. that sounds like a better idea to me.

well, now comes the time where i stop wasting my time and go get ready for the day.
go me. lousy bitch
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