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Santa's helpers are subordinate clauses.

i'm really resisting the urge to be a complete bitch to him. this is happening more often than not and it's really starting to bug me.
a) i don't trust him completely... in fact i don't think i'll ever truly trust any man completely... unless he is _just_ a friend (lets give a big thanks to all my exs and my dad. ya... thanks dad.)
b) every so often i just wanna... well... punch him or knee him in the junk.

sometimes he just makes me sick/upset/mad/frustrated... and i can't even BEGIN to explain why. i have NO fucking clue. those are just some of the feelings i have.


other than that life... well... IT FUCKING SUCKS!!!!

i mean, all my friends are cool... but work sucks, school sucks, money sucks, homelife ...ya, it sucks too. fuck. what am i happy for? oh ya, being alive. that's always a good thing... to see the "sun" rise the next day... or smell the "fresh" air ... or see flowers or salamanders.....::sigh::.....

and no, i'm not on the rag, i'm not even about to start. i am just getting pissed off at the things i don't see getting me anywhere in life. AGH!! fuck me. shoot me right in the head, give me too much heroine. i need to be put out 'cause this is ridiculous!!

other than all that life is fine. just....fine. no more, no less. just... fine


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