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A plateau is a high form of flattery.

when I came home from work, my sister had me come into her room for reasons unspecified. I immediately saw the little cage that used to house beaker... and what was in it??..............????.......
a baby lovebird!!!

I said "it's GONZO!!!!"

the name was a keeper..... a no brainer, if you will.
so I am happy to say that this is such a darling little bird... a tad shy still, but it will warm up ... it has no choice in the matter. muwahahahaa... hehehee...

work was... work. can't really give it any better or worse a description than that... my day got immediately better when I discovered that the checks had arrived a day early. and to that I say... wOOt wOOt.

I'm feeling a little better, I just decided to cut a few things out of my mind... and although that's probably not the best way to deal with my issues, it might help for the time being.

it's sad when the only way people _in_ your life find out about things happening in your life via livejournal. and I'm not talking about the people that I just know... I'm talking about the people I know ::sigh:: oh well.

I'll be going out w/the girls tonight. :o) pj pockets here I come!!!.... hopefully I'll make myself look the fool yet again. I can only wait...

I know I said I was going to go to the doctors office today and make an appt... but I was hungry and decided to eat instead. I only get a half hour so hunger won over..... health...?..... I was going to go tomorrow since I was supposed to be getting paid tomorrow, but since I got paid early I have no reason to take a trip into s. federal way. so I guess I'll just wait until Monday... or... maybe never..... if I know me. I don't really like medicine anyway.

sorry this has been a "no funny jokes or antic dotes" post zone. oh well... maybe I'll humor y'all next time.

now I go cook food.

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