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too strung up to sleep

well last night i actually fell asleep rather quickly & w/out any problems :o)
it was this morning that sent me over the top.
i was having this kick ass dream, then i was searching for this bit of information i knew was there... but since my mind hadn't created it in the dream i woke up. damn.

"w/you my darling, more peacful inside, don't need anything else to make me feel alive, you electrify me.... and i want to be, in, your arms, for always... for always......"

text messages are nice, make me smile

lately i've been having problems maintaining body temperature. hot one minute, cold the next. it really sucks... cause i'm always taking clothes off, putting them back on ... off, on, off, on... etc.

all these ministry of sound chillout session albums make me think of last sept/oct... which is ok cause it was a fairly chill time for me :oP

today i work.... i'll just sit there and enter in data. weeeee.... it's the kind of job that allows my mind to wander. & boy does it wander! i always have to go searching around the office for it after a few mintues. ::sigh::

bed's so warm and inviting. want.... to..... crawl......back in....................NO! i MUST resist it's charm!!! awh... look at the cute yellow & blue sheets... and that toasty heating pad......NO.......awh..... the fluffy pillows!!!...... AAAGGGHHHH!!!!!!! bad bed bad!!! making me want you like that!

gonzo is such a cutie... he likes to cuddle, but he doesn't like the hand, which makes it rather difficult to pick him up and cuddle him. darn cute fluffy multi-colored bird.

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