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So my choice is 'Or Death?'

the top of my nose is a little pink from all the sun I got this weekend, so every time I move it I get this little tingly sensation. kinda pain, kinda not... but something I don't want to provoke.

I was going to start blabbing about work, but I have decided to put fourth a little effort and discuss with you fine ladies & gents my weekend.
it went a little something like this:
friday - more hair coloring (so now it's a burgundy/purple/red colour, or eggplant, if you will) then it was off to lunch w/my mom at the pyramid brewery downtown. it was very sunny out, so after I dropped my mom off at work I went to westlake mall downtown to "return" a shirt...
[side trip]
now all I have to say is black guys are so cool... on my way to the mall, I pass a black guy, brief eye contact...
him: hey girl, why don't you smile?
me: [smiling]
him: that's better!
now I enter the mall... take the escalators down & there is a black guy in front of me about two steps... he gets off, turns to look at me, and then does a double take
him: hey blue eyes!
me: hi [need I explain the stupid look I prolly had on my face at this point in time?... oh no, not yet...]
so after I go to the store of destination... note: which was to originally return a shirt that didn't cover my boobs... but then broke down and decided to "exchange" it... however managing to drop five more dollars... i'm weak
so I left, went back outside into the sunshine... notice that there are some more black guys on the street corner ahead of me, one of them was telling people they should smile cause it's such a nice day outside... yadde yadde ya da... so since he was so adamant that everyone smile I had a nice little one on my face... walked by them...
him: damn, I like your haircolor!
me: [looking like the bright eggplant I am, turns around & says] thanks
him: & she's smiling!
all that happened over the course of about 15 minutes.... but what a self-esteem boost it was!!!
The rest of Friday was mainly taken up by getting stuff from leighs parents house for camping, then grocery shopping... after which we went out to dinner at a thai restaurant in madison park. Good food... now I will digress from the wonderfulness that was our meal and focus on a "friend" of mine.

Shannon. She is a very lively "adult" I use this term only because she can be defined as one by her age, yet she is still very spunky & via her personality somehow has managed to not look 30... she has no spouse no kids, no pets even. Nothing really to tie her down. I've known her for a while... almost a year now, I told her in the beginning I don't like high maintenance friends.... & she said that she was totally on the same page as me. this is where the plot thickens.... leigh & i were at dinner, she knew we were on a "date" but called me up because the girl she was hanging out with had decided to leave and see her b/f. Ok... shannon is tipsy drunk. She wants to crash the date... ok, that's fine, but we tell her that our food is arriving & that by the time she would get to us we would already have finished dinner. So I tell her I'll call her back when we're done & we can visit her at her house. Ok... about 5-10 minutes later she calls me up wanting to know if i know where to find some E.... hmm... we could prolly find some, but it wouldn't be that good. Well then she wants us to do the E w/her... she'll pay. Hrm. Thanks shannon but no thanks... leigh & I have to get up early tomorrow morning for camping, and it's already 10, if we took it now we would be up until at least 3am, and that's if we took it right then and there. well, she tried, she told me she really needed me at this point in time...::sigh::... I didn't give in, I stuck to my guns, and she hung up on me! I couldn't believe it... I thought maybe she had put the phone down... no, she actually hung up. About a half-hour later she called again, I didn't answer and she didn't leave a message.
It really irritates me when people hang up on you... let's show off how immature you are ok?

Saturday arrives and we get up... the boy has to dink around on his computer.... so we got out of there a little bit later than what I was aiming for. After a bit of a tour of my house & then the greater federal way area we finally got on the road at about 1130. Drove drove drove. Speaking of driving I just drove to pick up the pics from the weekend. :oP lugged all the stuff out to the campsite... after the tents were set up the festivities began. We drank drank drank, smoked smoked smoked... leigh ate ate ate, while we just ate... then later misty puked puked puked. Poor girl.
When Sunday rolled around it was hangover city. Packed up & drove home... to nice warm weather.
Today I'm wondering where it went.... all rainy & cold outside now. Makes me wish I was under some covers... sleeping or something like that.

Andrew is in the states.... hope he's having a good journey... ;o)

Dropped off the film from the weekend to get developed, went & picked it up & realized that there were some pics on there that I didn't take. oh look, it's misty & tys camera. Ya... oops, too bad jess misty & I had the same disposable camera. Now I'm wondering who has my original....?......

Looks like it's dinnertime folks...::BLEH::... I don't wanna eat. My tummy has been all hexa squibby all day, I've been thinking too much.... that's what happens

On a sad note: my moms mom passed out in the bathroom last week, fell & hit her face on the edge of the counter. My grandpa found her and had to take her to the hospital. She had stitches & some of her teeth were knocked loose. This weekend my grandma had taken a bath and was getting into bed when my grandpa asks her what happened to her face. :X she said don't you remember? I fell... then he told her that he thought that happened a long time ago. He hadn't forgotten about it per se, he had just forgotten that it happened recently. :o(

Well, I'm off to scan some photos... looks like y'all get to suffer w/my uber long post... HAHA!!!

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