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they say i'm ... crazy

well... there might be a very good reason for that... it's cause i am HAH!! :P
::sigh:: okok, i know... everybody is to some extent. i just want a reason to place that little crazy jumping fist throwing icon down w/this post. hehehee... he's SO cute!!

"when love is gone we're not the same"
how true.

the birds are a squackin'... my bedrooms... a rockin?? to music that is...
and ....uh....... the popcorns a..... poppin??????????
::sigh:: wow i should just give up... GIVE UP I TELL YOU!!!!!!!

weeeeee... another work day, & another day of underpaid wages. *bleh* yes yes...still needing to find a new j0b <----pronounce that with an 'O' sound... like in the saint
i want one that will rawx0r my sawx0r
or something like that.

& now ladies & gents, i must depart.... for the products on which i rely are calling me... telling me that if i don't hurry i'll be late for work.... again.
like always...

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