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worked. it was like a big rhino butt... gray, big, and wrinkly...or something along those lines.

came home... talked to Andrew for quite some time *G* he seems to be doing all right ... in DC now, he says he wishes he had spent less time in Atlanta & more in DC... he leaves there tomorrow & heads towards Detroit... according to Cat that's the Earth's equivalent to Hell. hmm.. never been, doesn't sound too interesting.

i got a phone call from an old friend, Jordan. i hadn't heard/talked to him since... well... before i met Leigh. wow. been a while. gonna have dinner/play chess with him tomorrow. should be good to catch up.

didn't get a whole heck of a lot of sleep last night... kinda restless too. woke up all hot.... :o( i hate it when that happens... i had a dream about shaq. ugh, he's such a big dumb animal.

mike called me last night, i should be getting the money he owes me soon... :o) i loaned him about 200$$ last ... oh... august? this will *crosses fingers* hopefully be the first time he makes any sort of payment. if he does it will restore my faith in people.

oops. forgot to call Garett back... but, he prolly called me to see if i knew that my cousins wife had a baby. WHICH I KNOW!!!
so ... ya, my cousins wife had their baby this morning at 6am. it was an induced labour... his name is Max Chester Wasilewski... hehehehee... he's a chinese polish american! lol... what a mix!
now i can officially say i have some chinese in my family... just not thru my blood... but thru law ! :o) now all i need is african & i've got the WHOLE world covered! hehehee...

well kiddies, it's been fun, but i think i'm off to bed now to get some sweet dreamin in.... looking forward to my july!

good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite
if they do, throw 'em a shoe & show 'em what you can do!

hhheeeeeeeeeee cheeeeze!!!

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