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good mood

it's sunny
i'm chipper & twitterpated
i'm gonna get my ass up to seattle and take some b&w photos!! yea!!!
hrm. after i shower... yupyup.

yesterday was nice... work sucked except for all the text messages i got. those made it better. the system was big fat ass slow!!!! & i'm talkin bigger than my ass... !!! *gasp* !!!! hehehee... but i survived that some-how.....
went tanning... since my bum was a little sensitive & i was more concerned about my tat not fading i folded up a little towel & covered the tat. needless to say i now have a little square on my bum. agh! i feel this might be a lose lose situation on my end. i think i'll give up. the tat doesn't get any sunlight anyway....
then i met up w/oreus and a few of his friends & went to see lazer radiohead. good times good times. i hope i'm ready for the drinking on monday night. ::looks down at tummy:: don't reject anything!!! [tummy] i won't as long as you give me some food beeeyatch! [me] ok, but you don't have to be mean about it.

put juice on your chin

i had a nightmare last night. it was crazy... cause it didn't turn into a nightmare until the last minute.
imma break it down for y'all
i was looking around seattle, checking out apts with my family... went to one & its major populace was all over the age of 65. !!! scary !!! so we were walking along outside & there were tons of young ppl runnin around being all goofy crazy. so i'm driving the car, make a turn around the corner & all of a sudden it's just me, my family was around the corner... i'm dragging & pushing this heavy suitcase, & three older men pass me... one after another... i noticed that one that passed me didn't have a face, it was just blank. i looked down at the ground & i saw his face there. no eyes behind it ... just face shaped flesh. then this native american indian passes me [this kind of person is in my dream b/c i saw some at the lazer show last night] anyway, he starts to pass me, then turns around, grabs me, busts out a knife & pulls it up to my throat my thought is 'is my dad close enough to hear me yell?'
i jump up in bed. the thought still fresh in my mind... fully knowing that if i dare go back to sleep at that point in time i would pick up where i left off. so i tried to wake up completely so that i would revisit that dream. send a few text messages. that helps me wake up... spelling isn't my speciality so i really had to use my brain.

yes some birds are funny when they talk

i think i'm a funny bird.
this is bad, i'm drinking a mike's hard cranberry lemonade for breakfast. ::sigh:: oh well, sooooo good! & there isn't really any food here. at least my 'rents know to buy alcohol & not food. they've got that part right. heheheee.... ya.

breaker breaker one two.
i'm out.

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