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dissolves instantly [userpic]


May 26th, 2001 (12:11 am)

current mood: annoyed

so here's our [misty & my] story. last weekend misty proho aka: misty/gidget and jesshika aka: jessica and i went out to the last supper club, for what looked to be some entertaining dancing/good times/general overall fun... little did we know what we were in for. so here's our story:
day starts. it's saturday, a few days after the breakup so i talk to misty in the morning and we decide that since her man ty aka: toad63 is outta town, so we decide that going to the last supper club would be a good idea for some girly fun. so we decide to give jessica a call & see if she would like to go, and apparently it's a yes. so i go to a bbq w/my friend regina in tspot [aka: tacoma] & around 730 jessica calls me...
her: when are you going to pick me up?
me: well, what time is it?
her: 730
me: well... we have a few hours before it's 10 (last chance to get into the club before they start charging cover)
her: well, i have no money to get into the club if we don't make it there on time
me: don't worry, i'll pick you up around 930, we should make it on time...
her: [odd silence]
me: well i can pick u up around 915 & then we'd make it there for sure
so i go home around 845, & start getting ready. then i get a call, it's misty informing me that jess has been calling her & buggin her about when we're gonna be leaving & when we'll be picking her up. so misty & i decide it might be a good idea if she gets jess, and i get them from her place. so about 915 i pick jess & misty up from misty's place & we head down to seattle. on the way jess tells me that she has an interview at sears, but then proceeds to explain that ian [her b/f] doesn't want her to take it b/c she could hold out for something better. so i tell her that it doesn't matter, a job's a job and you can always look for something else while employed there. well... the rest of the trip to seattle [mind you this takes about 20mintues to get there since i'm driving] was spent in relative silence.
we get to the club... & find out that they changed the cover charge time to 930, so i cover jess [since i have cash] and she pays for a few of my drinks. which leaves me owing her some $$ since she paid for it on credit. we started dancing around 11, and it had been a few hours & quite possibly two or three drinks later and jess pipes up...
"we have to leave NOW"
misty & i are just like...uhhh... what's she talking about?!?!!
"i have a job interview at 10 tomorrow, we need to leave NOW"
well, misty & i weren't informed about leaving early prior to our arrival to the club & were thus confused & taken aback to her quite spontaneous demand that we leave at the moment. so we told her that we were there to dance & have some fun. she tried to tell us that this was the first time ever that we wanted to stay at a club until closing [2am] we managed to inform her that every time we visted her at pullman we stayed out until at least 3 or 4 am.
well.... she didn't want to hear that. she started screaming at us.. in the middle of the club that she needed to leave NOW and that we were being selfish. [mind you i had just broken up w/leigh] so we tell her to keep her panties on & we'll leave eventually. well... she would go away, and then come back... repeatedly... yelling & crying at us telling that she needs to go. well.... it got to the point where she wanted some of the ciggs outta my purse, which was in coat check. & since she didn't have the ticket she wanted to get it from me so she could smoke some ciggs from my purse. i basically told her to f-off b/c 'who bought the ciggs?' no.. u didn't, misty did. so just chill. [mind u the night before jess stayed at mistys house & watched movies (which misty paid for) & coaxed misty to stay up late even tho misty had work the next morning at 8]... so jess got even more upset & told us that she was going to take a bus home.
i told her that i'd like to see her figure out which bus to take home. well... eventually she said she was leaving & going to call her dad to have him come & pick her up... from downtown seattle, which is 25 minutes away... & she doesn't exactly know what street the club is on to tell him to get there anyway.
so about 15 minutes later misty & i decide to leave.
i call her outside the club to see where she's at & if she wants a ride home. [cause i figure her dad ain't gonna get there until we're home anyway...] so she answers, i tell her we're across the street from the club, & if she wants a ride home she'll have to meet us.
well she comes walking across the street on the phone... with... guess.who.... IAN!!! she didn't seem to be so upset when she was talking with him... vs. when she was "talking" to us in the club she was bawling and screaming so that everyone around us could hear.
we get in the car & there proceeds to be wwIII in the backseat. ugh.

well... we didn't say much after a while, mainly b/c we were so fed up w/her 9yr old 'woe is me' b/s... dropped her off at her home and figured that if she was really sorry for what she had done she would apologize.

well, sunday rolls around & she calls. it's about 1145ish noonish & i don't answer. she leaves a message informing me that sears wants her to take a drug test & she needs to know how to pass it. well, since this was completely a self indulgent phone call i decide not to call her back. she didn't even act like anything had happened the night before.

a few days go by and she im's me saying that she's hurt about how we treated her, but she will admit to acting like a drunken brat. [mind you we only had 3 drinks] and that i should give her a call.
i don't respond. why should i? she's passing off her behaviour on alcohol.

so then a few days ago she posted on her journal, talking about her family, the fact that Ian is going to visit her next weekend, & that she's going out with a friend this weekend for her 21 run. then she says that she's failed her drug test & that she has no friends & wants to spend the summer in Indiana with her family.
i wonder why she has no friends. hmmm....?....
well, friday she calls misty & leaves a message [while misty is at work] wondering what she is doing this weekend & wanting to see if misty wants to hang out. hmm...
then today [saturday] she sees my sister at the movie theater & tells her "tell your sister to stop being mad & call me".

grrr... why doesn't she call?? i don't feel like i was in any wrong considering the fact that she didn't tell me
a) when we called & invited her
b) when we were in the car on the way to the club
c) walking on our way to the club
about her interview.
no, she decides to tell us when she wants to leave. nevermind the fact that she pulls up the statment that she doesn't like to dance. well... if you don't like to dance why did you come to the club with us... to dance?!?!!

so we think she should apologize to us. she acted like a child. i don't care if she says she was drunk. the fact is, is that she only had 3 drinks, and thinking about the previous weekend she wasn't even drunk until about 5 or 6 beers later. hmmmm.....

so the point is, we're frustrated with this round about b/s she's pulling on us, & we think she owes us a sincere apology. if these are the games she wants to play [calling us, but knowing full & well that we won't answer due to work, or that we won't respond to her im's b/c we have an away message] she is sadly mistaken.

this hurts. i've known her since 4th grade, misty has known her since 10th grade [& she has been one of the few friends misty has kept in touch with since then] we have been there for her thru her hard & good times...

point being. we feel as tho we deserve a sincere apology for her bahaviour. is that too much to ask??


Posted by: John Riddle (sapiens81)
Posted at: May 26th, 2002 12:13 am (UTC)

Someone call 911 for broken LJ tags! :P

Posted by: John Riddle (sapiens81)
Posted at: May 26th, 2002 12:23 am (UTC)

And, now that I've read the post, of course it's not too much to ask. Considering how long you've known her, though, I'm sure she'll come around.

Have some of my Golden Grahams, they'll make you feel better. :D

*wanders off to watch some Æon Flux*

Posted by: dissolves instantly (sahrie)
Posted at: May 26th, 2002 01:15 am (UTC)

i hope so. it sucks.

thanks!! i loaf graham crackers!!!

Posted by: Najestica Joyous Noel (jesshika)
Posted at: May 27th, 2002 12:23 am (UTC)

I have appologized. I don't think it is too much to ask for an appology for the way I was treated either. Obviously I was the one who got mad in the first place and instead of understanding why I was blown off and made to seem selfish and Pain as another commented.

Posted by: dissolves instantly (sahrie)
Posted at: May 26th, 2002 01:13 am (UTC)

yea they're fixed now :)

Posted by: I.Q. Wrestler (sakuraba)
Posted at: May 26th, 2002 12:19 am (UTC)

Never read a post so long...but as I really did, I can tell you:
1 - Your friend is a pain in the neck
2 - You should not smoke.Not good for you

Posted by: dissolves instantly (sahrie)
Posted at: May 26th, 2002 01:14 am (UTC)

1) she is sometimes... i just don't know what to do sometimes with her
2) i know. ::sigh:: i am quitting, really!!!

Posted by: Najestica Joyous Noel (jesshika)
Posted at: May 27th, 2002 12:26 am (UTC)

I don't even know who you are sometimes. All you did by posting this on your journal was open wounds and made it worse. You should have talked to me first because I have tried to talk to you. You should have talked to me first before asking for support from a bunch of people that you haven't even known a portion as long as myself.

Posted by: Najestica Joyous Noel (jesshika)
Posted at: May 27th, 2002 12:21 am (UTC)

YOu know nothing about me. If I feel mistreated then yes I fully intend to stick up for myself. You shouldn't listen to only one persons side of a story because many times you will be mislead.

Posted by: Tongue-tied & twisted just an earth-bound misfit I (supa)
Posted at: May 26th, 2002 12:22 am (UTC)

people are evil, I deemed them that way a long time ago..
*may the force be with you*

Posted by: dissolves instantly (sahrie)
Posted at: May 26th, 2002 01:15 am (UTC)

ya, sometimes i think it's necessary to give ppl the benefit of the doubt.......
thank you :)

Posted by: Najestica Joyous Noel (jesshika)
Posted at: May 27th, 2002 12:16 am (UTC)
I don't enjoy having our buisiness dragged out on the enternet

I really don't appreciate having our fight dragged out on the internet because there were a lot of feelings hurt that night and nobody has even tried to understand where I was coming from. There has been numerous times were somebody wasn't feeling well or had to work the next morning so we have decided to go home or people had to work the next morning. Usually I don't care and go along with whatever the others decide, you have just used the one instance of the night before with Misty, & it was only eleven o'clock & did they tell you that it was a good thing we didn't go to bed early because Sarah was having emotional problems & later she came over so that we could comfort her? Im sure she left that out.
I have tried to get in contact with you both to tell you that I am sorry for the way I acted but I am not going to leave appology notes on your voicemails, you should have both called me back. I don't blame my actions on alchohol but I was trashed that night & went home to throw up & then threw up again twenty minutes before my job enterview the next morning. I felt that nobody was even listening to me. Misty acted like she didn't mind to go home because it was 1:15 and the club was going to close at 2. When Sarah made it apparant that she wanted to stay then MIsty was all for staying too. I don't mind that they wnated to stay, I waited for about another five songs and then said I want to go home now, I did not initially demand like they so claim. It was only that Sarah gave me the bitchy respose of "NO! YOU NEVER SAID YOU HAD TO LEAVE EARLY, YOU SHOULDN"T HAVE COME AT ALL" That I got mad. I came because I wanted to spend time with my best friends, but because it was too much of inconvience for them to leave fourty minutes early that they would have rather me not come at all comment that really hurt. I admit too being demanding after that & to crying & making a sceen but they didn't understand that I didn't want to dance, I had nowhere to sit, the place was packed and I couldnt even get the coat key so i could at least have a cigarette to smoke while I waited because the cigarretts were "misty's", Misty failed to mention that I told her I would buy her a drink if she shared her pack with me. I tried to explain that to Sarah, but she just kept telling me NO. THey also didn't explain that I had up untill that point been generous all night. I paid for everyones drinks that my tab came to over $60some dollars. thanks again sarah for paying my entrance fee.

You know they act like they are soo hurt by me but I have always forgiven them for the crap they have pulled on me. You both act like its such an inconvienence to hang out with me. Yes I have called you alot because I am bored. You both made it seem like it would be a snap that I could get a job with you, I know neither of you can help that but unlike you I Dont have anything here to keep me occupied. I have a mom who is an alchoholic, I have no job, no money and no friends here besides the two of you so i call just so i can be anywhere but here.

For the last two years Sarah you have repeatedly blown me off for the current boyfriend of the momment or the current group you were hanging out with. THere has been numerous times where we have talked about hanging out and I have called you and you were hanging with your boy or spending the night with you boy, which is fine I've let it go. I don't even remember if you have ever applogized to me about anything ever. SO if the two of you want an appology I am sorry that I blew up at you but when I feel like nobody is listening to me, or gives a crap of how i feel or when Im told that Im selfish and everything is about me then you have to understand that I too was hurt, you are not the only victoms. I have come clean with my appology and Misty has said it over and over again that we have known eachother way too long to just hold things against oneanother, so I feel that maybe its time for the two of you to let go of some of your hate and frustraition & maybe its your turn to call me & appologize to me for the way that you treated me.

Posted by: screamingdaisy (proho)
Posted at: May 27th, 2002 01:34 am (UTC)
Re: I don't enjoy having our business dragged out on the enternet

Jess, I am sorry if you still don't get what we were trying to say. The reasons for the "night of" examples was because they were the ones that were fresh in our minds. I have plenty more if you would like, but we aren't trying to nickel and dime you, just trying to make you understand that we do a lot for you. Yes, you did pay for one of my drinks (was that for the night before or the cigs?), yes, I did give you money for the second. I'm not going to argue about when you said you wanted to leave NOW. I'm not going to argue about any of the events because Sarah and I sat down and recalled everything the same way.

Fact is we all have shit in our lives. Your shit is no more important or significant than the shit Sarah and I have been through. It's all in how you handle it. It's not our fault and we aren't the ones who should pay. If you want to take it out on someone, don't pick your best friends who have done nothing but attempt to help you get over it. No excuses Jess...

Yes, we have been friends for a long time. Calling us both and leaving voice mails that suggest nothing has happened is not the way to end this. I will not call and apologize because I am not sorry for anything I have said or done. I will talk to you about it but not until you understand that an apology has no excuses or throw backs. Saying your sorry doesn't mean anything when attached to all of this unrelated bull.

I can only speak for myself. I do love you and care for you a great deal, otherwise I would not have been so hurt and disturbed by your actions. I hope that you can read this and not respond out of anger, but actually think about it. Please call me when you understand...

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