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i got felt up by another woman today!!!

then she took my blood & gave me a bruise.

meh. i hate blood draws. i can stand getting pierced or tattoo'd just fine, cause the needle's in & out. but... it's the blood draws that get to me 'cause the needle just sits there... under the skin. don't move or you'll REALLY be in pain!!!

i don't do well with blood draws. why you ask? oh b/c my veins are hard to find, and i like to get lightheaded.
ok you got me, that last part was a lie. i don't like to get lightheaded... it just happens without my consent.
my arm still hurts. kiss it better?

so i thought my dr appt was at 930 this morning... drove all the way to seattle, picked up my medical records from my doctors old office around 845, finally get a hold of her new office... come to find my appt is at 130.
then it was back to federal way. weeeee... starbucks! jitter jitter jitter... ouh, tummy doesn't feel so good now.
why's that?
oh... i don't drink coffee much... & when i do it makes my tummy all madd... grrrr!!!

work was... well... work. not much to say about it. other ppl in the office are trying to get me to become part of their dept. but i'm gonna stay loyal to the billing crew.
less demanding anyway.
& i just wanna be a drifter i think.....yup.

on a lighter note: breast exam shows supple breasts bilaterally... yea! i have supple breasts!!
i love that word... supple. it's so great... supple supple supple supple.
& it's perfect for the description of breasts!!

hmmm... i think i shall get into the tub & relax.... it will help me prepare for somethings that need my attention.

i need to respond to some things, but first i want to write everything out so everything that's on my mind gets off it & when i actually go to verbalize my thoughts nothing gets left out.
i need to do this tonight b/c it's really important. b/c this person means a lot to me, and i don't want her to think she doesn't.


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