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dreams are most definetly in color

well here come the man, with a look in his eyes
he's fed on nothing but full on pride
look at him go look at him kick
makes ya wonder how the other half lived
devil inside devil inside
every single one of us has the devil inside...

well here comes the woman with a look in her eyes
she's raised on leather with flesh on the mind
words a weapon sharper than knives
makes ya wonder how the other half died
devil inside devil inside
every single one of us has the devil inside...

my dad smokes crack. i'm sure of it. i think he even lights up a rock with the cat occasionally.
you know he pretends he doesn't like her, what with him always calling her bitch and all
but i bet it's just a cover up hiding their true friendship.
shut me down.

i'm gonna sneeze... oh no, it's just sitting here... torturing me... !!!!! JUST SNEEZE DAMNIT!!!!!

i want your looooooOOooOOOoOoooOOOOOOOve
i want your looooooOOooOOOoOoooOOOOOOOve
all i know is that to me you look like you're lotsa fun
open up your loving arms watch out baby here i come
you spin me right round baby right round
like a record baby right round round round

okokok, i stop with the singing.

so i got my blood drawn on tuesday. she took it a little lower in my arm.. .like... not at the joint. :oP
so yesterday i had a bruise. ok.... that's normal.
now the bruise is even BIGGER.
now it's hematoma so i've gotta call the doctors office & let them know
b/c if it's there for too long i could get a blood clot.

posing for another picture
everybodies got to sell
but when you shake your ass
they notice fast
that some mistakes were built to last
that's what you get
that's what you get for chaning your mind
and after all this time

so what... i lied. :oP

i cannot breathe until you're resting here with me.

ok, my head is hurting a little bit.
ouh, new victorias secret catalogue... head...feeling... better!!


ok, now i go and colour my hair.

ta ta!!

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