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so i just decided i would tell my mom i am going to get my tongue pierced... instead of going my "normal" route of ... just do it & she'll find out later...

so she's not too happy with me right now. basically told me that if that was the path i was going to take maybe i need to move on. & that i moved home to pay my bills. i told her it would be just like if i went out shopping (which she would have no problem with) and bought clothes with that money.
then she brings up the fact that i'm deeply hurting someone ie: her.
so... if she's gonna play that dirty game i brought up the fact that she had divorce papers served to dad, but then decided that she made a promise to God & that she was going to stick thru the marriage.
maybe i was wrong for bringing that up... but she wants to talk about deeply hurting people she better be prepared for what's gonna come.


i need to find a way to move out...

meh. more on this later...

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