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SO hungry

but... that whole eating thing just hasn't worked for me so far.
be quite tummy, you ain't getting anything! learn to accept that!

i woke up & the tongue wasn't swollen, but as soon as i stood up... poof! fat it went.
my mom came into my room this morning while i was still sleeping in bed...
"we're going to an antique show"
"the bathrooms need to be cleaned & the house needs to be vacuumed"
[walks out]

minutes later leah comes in sticking out her tongue at me... so i stick mine out at her, knowing that's what she wanted to see... we talk for a bit, she gives me the dl how mom's been talking shit. meh. figures. then she offers to help me clean... besides, mom didn't even tell her things needed to get done.


anyone in seattle need/want me as a roomie ?? i'm clean in shared spaces, & i shower! no funny smells come from my room, and i can cook!!

luuuuuniez 9-5 beeeeeyotch!!!

boobie update: nice & tan, nipples errect.

skeezers & wierdos

last night i dreamt <--i'm sure that's not right twice about a rinocerose song video, thing is there is no such video, but i managed to dream the same thing twice.
it was kinda cool... wish i could remember it more

i must shower now.
ta ta!!

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