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what about george?

you're tuned into perfecto radio
chicago, detroit, seattle

let me unfold you

here i am

waiting to hold you

i had a dream last night, and a foreign guy i know was in it
it was kinda odd, cause we were at his flat, & his roomies would keep coming in & out of the place all covered in dirt & needing to shower
at one point i was in the shower, had just gotten out, & this guy comes in all covered in dirt & just started showering.

my dad forgot some paperwork here, so now i have to go to kinkos & fax it to him. meh. that meant i had to wake up "early" ....well.... earlier than normal that is... i guess... ok maybe not... it's just that now i can't drag my ass. which, really would be kinda hard to do considering it's a couple of feet away from the ground.

i need someone here to help put lotion on my back.
you can live in my closet w/the masseuse.
applications must be turned in by two.
thank you.

i saw this in a window when i was out taking pics the other week. thought it was pretty right on...

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