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i was thinking today

and... well, pretty much everyday since the day i was born.
yes, i think babys have thoughts. just look at all they have to take in!

so... these are some of my pet peeves
there - location
their - possesion
they're - conjagated form of 'they' plus 'are' = they are

it's really not that difficult people

whatever - i really cannot stand this word as a response to a question. however it is more tolerable with the right tone of voice. it's such a lazy half ass response. when i use this word in response to something, pay attention the the inflection of my voice. if it's happy upbeat perky & followed by other words, it's really ok... but if the only answer you get is a short curse 'whatever' ... i'm upset at something, or you...

fuck - although a great slang word with such a versatile usage, i really do hate to call most or any sex 'fucking' unless it's a one night stand. b/c really if it's just one night & you don't plan on ever seeing that person again fucking is an alright description... b/c there aren't really any emotions involved. if i am dating someone & they say to me, 'damn, i love fucking you' or anything along those lines, they better watch out for their junk. it will be kneed, punched, grabbed, jabbed so fast their voice will go up an octave or two.

chewing with the mouth open.
smacking gum

i really don't want to hear or see you chew. you're not a cow...

ok. i think my bitch-a-thon is done ... for now.

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