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i'm disconnected

and as a result i'm feeling lost
not as much communication with you as before makes me sad
i hope to hear from you soon

work was long & boring. only one break today & it was for a 7eleven run which i called "lunch"
lucky for me i had misty to keep me company

maybe it's this whole lack of food thing that's messin w/me.

on my way to work today i was wondering how many married people are truely in love
just like when they first met.....
i have yet to come to any conclusion on this subject
but i thought it was a strange subject to just pop into my head as i was crossing 320th & first

i dropped a coworker off at her house after work.
she puts up with a lot of crap from her spouse
and it doesn't make it any easier on her that she's got a 5yo daughter
he's an ass
i will call him an ass
b/c that's what he is
if he ever treats her poorly around me i will not put up with it
i told her she needs to give him an ultimatum
and since she has asked him to change many times
and since he has said he would change many times
and nothing has come of it
i think it's fair.
she needs to think of her daughter
b/c it is her daughter.
she takes care of her more than he does...
he takes no interest in his childs well being
he is an ass.
i don't think it's right to raise a child in a house that has a dysfunctional parent

after i dropped her off i really got sad.
b/c i remembered what i had thought about when i crossed that intersection.

she's just one of the many unhappily married women i know.

i've got to go & work on my skin cancer now.

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