dissolves instantly (sahrie) wrote,
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i'm dead already

3 September 1946 Tonawanda News
Mrs. Sarah Leverentz
Mrs. Sarah Leverentz of 360 Delaware street died yesterday morning in the Meyer Memorial hospital, Buffalo. Rites will be held Wednesday afternoon at 1 o'clock from the Wedekindt Funeral Home, 6 Walden avenue, Buffalo. Burial will be in Elmlawn.

Sarah is your typical young lady
Sarah is also on the cover of the magazines In Style and Seventeen.
Sarah is Evil Thanks to nypaco, now you can all see what happens when you try to tell the truth about Sarah. ...
Sarah is also in the new David Cronenberg film eXistenZ.
Sarah is currently on tour with Champions on Ice.
Sarah is seeking to seeking to fill in the Jerusalem area.
Sarah is new vicar.
Sarah is a third year student at the Evergreen State College and Fiber Artist with the newly formed Spidey Heaven Studio.
Sarah is Pregnant!

oh gawd

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